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- MARSEILLE (France), August 18-20, 2004 -


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La réunion de l'ICVPB organisée par l'AFROP (Association de Formation et de Recherche en Orthophonie Phoniatrie) sera organisée en conformité avec la loi du 4 août 1994 et notamment avec son article 6.


Tout participant aura le droit de s'exprimer en français


Les documents présentant le programme seront accompagnés d'une version française


L'organisateur, au sens de la loi du 4 août 1994 est l'AFROP, association de droit privé. A ce titre la traduction des débats n'est pas une obligation légale. Néanmoins, les organisateurs étudient la possibilité technique et financière d'une traduction simultanée de l'anglais vers le français. Les informations à ce sujet seront disponibles ultérieurement sur ce site

Programme scientifique/ ATTENTION toutes les communications scientifiques qui ont été soumises l'ont été en anglais, y compris venant des équipes françaises. A ce jour, il n'a pas été possible d'organiser de traduction pendant le congres.

Mercredi, Aout 18





A Giovanni, M Ouaknine, P Dejonckere (Marseille-France, Utrecht-Netherlands)

C Larson (Evanston-USA)





session 1

Président: J Jiang (Madison-USA), L Traissac (Bordeaux-France)

Lecture : Currents concepts and  research in the field of glottic modelling by I Titze (Iowa City-USA)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Towards full-scale three dimensional larynx simulation. M Oliveira Rosa, J Pereira (Sao Paolo-Brazil)

- A vertical three-mass model of phonation based on empirical intraglottal pressures. R Scherer, G Zhai, L Fulcher, M Agarwal (Bowling Green-USA)

- Representation of the two-dimensional glottal flow using irrotational and rotational flow elements. Y Tanabe, T Kaburagi (Kyushu-Japan)

- Dynamics of a two-mass model of the vocal folds for men, women and children. J Lucero (Brasilia-Brazil)










session 2

Président: J Svec (Prague-Czech Republic), X Pelorson (Grenoble-France)

Lecture : Non linear dynamics of the voice. H Herzel (Berlin-Germany)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Complexity in birdsong production. D Sciamarella, GB Mindlin (Paris-France)

- Medial surface dynamics of the vocal fold during phonation. D Berry, M Doellinger, G Berke (Los Angeles-USA)

- Modeling coupled aerodynamics and vocal fold dynamics using immersed boundary methods. C Duncan, G Zhai, R Scherer (Bowling Green-USA)

- Flow measurments in a scaled-up vocal folds model. M Krane, T Wei, M Barry (Piscataway-USA)

- The source voice generation on the basis of the "compressed air buble". V Misun, K Prikryl (Brno-Czech Republic)










session 3

Président: E Vilkman (Helsinki-Finland), R Scherer (Bowling Green-USA)

Lecture : Fluid mechanical modelling of voice. X Pelorson (Grenoble-France)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Study of the vortex dynamics in a mechanical model of the vocal folds using Particle-Image Velocimetry. C Brucker, M Triep, M Kob, W Schroder (Aachen-Germany)

- Correlation between vortex frequency and frequency of the sound generated by an excised human fetal larynx: value of the high speed Particle-Image Velocimetry. R Nicollas, P Bournot, J Stéfanini, M Ouaknine, A Giovanni (Marseille-France)

- An experimental analysis of the flow through a driven mechanical model of the vocal folds. B Kucinschi, R Scherer, K DeWitt (Toledo-USA, Bowling Green-USA)

- Explicit representation of glottal flow as a function of transglottal pressure and geometry. L Fulcher, G Zhai, R Scherer (Bowling Green-USA)

- Energy flow analysis of vocal folds models. S Thomson (Purdue-USA)

- On pressure-frequency relations in the excised larynx. F Alipour, R Scherer (Iowa-City-USA, Bowling Green-USA)











Session 4

Président: J Lucero (Brasilia-Brazil), H Herzel (Berlin-Germany)

Lecture: Vocal fold modelling and chaos parameters in voice analysis. J Jiang (Madison-USA)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Detecting synchronization in an assymetric vocal fold model from time series data. I Tokuda (Berlin-Germany)

- Unilateral and bilateral oscillation in the excised squirrel monkey larynx. C Brown, F Alipour (Mobile-USA, Iowa City-USA)

- Bifurcations in excised larynges caused by vocal fold elongation. J Horacek, J Svec, E Vilkman (Prague-Czech Republic, Helsinki-Finland)

- Modeling assymetric vocal fold vibrations. R Schwarz, M Schuster, T Wuzbacher, U Eysholdt, U Hoppe, J Lohscheller (Erlangen-Germany)

- Determination of vocal fold geometry from excised larynges: methodology and preliminary results. P Sidlof, J Svec, J Horacek, J Vesely, I Klepacek, R Havlik (Prague-Czech Republic, Brno-Czech Republic)








Jeudi, Aout 19




Session 5



Poster session (3/4 min+ 20min discussion at the end of the session)

- Lyapunov exponents in paralytic dysphonia. E Chapus, E Aumelas, M Ouaknine, A Giovanni (Marseille-France)

- Synchronization of assymetric vocal folds on an experimental bench. R Maunsell, M Ouaknine (Campinhas-Brazil, Marseille-France)

- Perceptual and acoustic correlation in consonant identification after partial laryngectomy. L Crevier-Buchman, S Maeda, D Brasnu, J Vaissière (Paris-France)

- Optoreflectometry determination of vocal folds resonance frequency . R Garrel, M Ouaknine (Marseille-France)

- Mechanical stress increases vocal fold transepithelial potential difference. C Atkins, K Fisher (Evanston-USA)

- Reanimation of the paralyzed human larynx with an implantable electrical stimulation device. L Zealar and al (Nashville-USA)

- Satellite cell transplantation in delayed reinnervation of the canine larynx. A deBarros, JP Marie, M Hekmati, Y Lacourne, A Lequerriere, N Bornstein (Rouen-France)

- Evaluation of cepstrally derived harmonics-to-noise ratios in voice signal. O Akande, P Murphy (Limerick-Ireland)

- Analysis of vocal tremor by means of a complex wavelet transform. L Cnockaert, F Grenez, J Schoentgen (Brussels-Belgium)

- A study of spectral properties of the voice source. P Murphy (Limerick-Ireland)

- Resonance measurements in the case of tenor voice. N Henrich, J Wolfe, J Smith (Paris-France, Sydney-Australia)

- Voice instabilities due to source-tract resonance. H Hatzikirou, T Fisch, H Herzel (Berlin-Germany)

- The effect of the flow mask on phonation. R Orr, B Cranen (Netherlands)

- The effect of the false vocal folds on translaryngeal airflow resistance. M Agarwal, R Scherer, K DeWitt (Bowling Green-USA)

- Anatomy and histology of the pars media of the cricothyroid muscle: a comparative study. F Charpied (Boston-USA)

- Naturally occuring sulcus formations in canine larynges. D Montequin, B Rousseau, D Bless (Madison-USA)

- Specialized larynges: morphological studies of the chinese Muntjac, the Muscox, the Takin, and the mongolian gazelle. A Gebler (Berlin-Germany)

- Laryngeal descent is not uniquely mammalian. T Riede, R Suthers (Berlin-Germany, Bloomington-USA)

- Quantitative evaluation of a voice-producting element. J Tack, H Schutte, A Hirscberg, H Mahieu, E Van der Houwen (Groningen-Netherlands, Amsterdam-Netherlands)

- Nosological classification of disfluencies revisited: testing the validity of the continuous model. MC Montfrais-Pfauwadel (Paris-France)

- Dynamic characteristics improvement of a pneumotachograph for speech and voice studies: acoustic and aerdynamical aspects. B Teston, A Ghio (Aix-en-Provence-France)

- Presentation of the European Group of Research on the Larynx. L Traissac, P Dejonckère et al (Bordeaux-France, Utrecht-Netherlands)





pause et Poster exhibition





Session 6

Président : C Riva (Marseille-France), M Remacle (Yvoir-Belgium)

Lecture: Physiology of phonotrauma. S Thiebaut (Salt Lake City-USA)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- In defense of the vocal fold and phonation. K Fisher (Evanston-USA)

- A study of collagen fibers orientation of normal and scarred canine vocal fold. A Mirnajafi, M Sacks, C Rosen (Pittsburgh-USA)

- Homeostasis of hyaluronic acid in scarred rat vocal folds. I Tateya, T Tateya, D Bless (Madison-USA)

- The effect of aging on blood flow in rat larynx. N Connor, J Russel, H Nagai, D Bless (Madison-USA)

- A finite element model of the interaction between intra-and extralaryngeal muscles. C Butenweg, M Kob (Aachen-Germany)










Session 7

Président : P Dejonckere (Utrecht-Netherlands), V Woisard (Toulouse-France)

Lecture : Imaging of glottic vibration. U Eysholdt (Erlangen-Germany)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Glottal edge detection in the High speed laryngeal image-based analysis of vocal fold vibrations. Y Yan, X Chen, K Ahmad, D Bless (Honolulu-USA, Madison-USA)

- Vocal fold vibratory patterns in normal male and female voices derived from high speed digital imaging of the larynx. K Ahmad, D Bless, Y Yan (Madison-USA)

- Characterization of features observed on the derivative of EGG signal by the use of high speed cinematography. N Henrich, C Gendrot, G Schade, F Muller, R Expert (Paris-France, Hamburg-Germany)

- Observation of cricothyroid joint motion using 3D high resolution MRI; S Takano, K Honda, K Kinoshita (Kyoto-Japan)

- Non stationary modelling of vocal fold vibration during a pitch raise. T Wurzbacher, R Schwarz, U Hoppe, U Eysholdt, J Lohscheller (Erlangen-Germany)










Session 8

Président: J Sundberg (Stockholm-Sweden), M Besson (Marseille-France)

Lecture: Physiology of the singing voice. P Dejonckere (Utrecht-Netherlands)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Perceptive and acoustic study of voice quality in western operatic singing. M Garnier, D Dubois, J Poitevineau, N Hemrich, M Castellengo (Paris-France)

- Professional singers pitch correction behaviour. A Grell, S Ternstrom, J Sundberg, E Altenmuller, M Ptok (Stocholm-Sweden)

- Percieving language elements in high pitch singing. T Andreas (Leipzig-Germany)

- False vocal fold surface waves during Sygyt singing. CG Tsai (Berlin-Germany)










Diner de Gala dinner et concert



Vendredi, Aout 20




Session 9

Président: L Crevier-Buchman (Paris-France), C Larson (Evanston-USA)

Lecture : Glottis modelized as a Van Der Pol oscillator . M Ouaknine (Marseille-France)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Laryngeal adjustment in voiceless consonant production: 1 an experimental study of glottal abduction in loud versus normal speech. S Fuchs, P Hoole, X Pelorson, P Perrier, K Dahlmeier, J Creutzburg (Berlin-Germany, Munich-Germany, Grenoble-France)

- Laryngeal adjustment in voiceless consonant production: 2 physical modelling. A VanHirtum, N Ruty, X Pelorson, S Fuchs, P Perrier (Eindhoven-Netherlands, Berlin-Germany, Grenoble-France)










Session 10

Président: N Nguyen (Aix-en-Provence-France), K Honda (Kyoto-Japan)

Lecture: Neural control of speech. C Larson (Evanston-USA)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Measurements of voicing offset and onset in men and women: further data.L Koenig, J Lucero (New-York-USA, Brasilia-Brazil)

- Cricothyroid activity in consonant voicing and vowel intrinsic pitch. P Hoole, K Honda, F Murano, S Fuchs, D Pape (Munich-Germany, Kyoto-Japan, Berlin-Germany)

Numerical modelling of production of czech vowel /a/ based on FE model of vocal tract. P Svancara, J Horacek, L Pesek (Brno-Czech Republic)

- Physiological study of the supraglottal structure. K Sakakibara, M Kimura, H Imagawa, S Niimi, N Tayama (Tokyo-Japan)


- Resonance characteristics of hypopharyngeal cavities. K Honda, T Kitamura, H Takemoto, S Fujita, P Mokhtari (Kyoto-Japan)










Session 11

Président:JP Marie (Rouen-France), C Manfredi (Firenze-Italy)

Lecture: Interaction between clinical and fundamental research. M Pedersen (Copenhague-Denmark)





Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Analysis of speech spectra for various aperiodicities and voice types. E O'Leidhin, P Murphy (Limerick, Ireland)

- The role of superior and recurrent laryngeal nerves in laryngeal adductor responses and their control. R Ambalavanar, M Miranda, L Purcell, F Evans, C Ludlow (Bethesda-USA, Baltimore-USA)

- Estimation of sound pressure levels of speech from skin vibration of the neck. J Svec, I Titze, P Popolo (Prague-Czech Republic, Iowa City-USA, Denver-USA)

- Perceptual analysis of dysphonia. J Révis (Marseille-France)

- Assessing the effectiveness of botulinum treatment in spasmodic dysphonia. C Manfredi, G Cantarella, N Migali, A Berlusconi, B Maraschi (Firenze-Italy)










Session 12

Président : B Teston (Aix-en-Provence-France), I Titze (Iowa City-USA)


Communications libres (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Analysis of vocal dysperiodicities in running speech. F Bettens, F Grenez, J Schoentgen (Brussels-Belgium)

- Moment based kymographic analysis of voice pathologies resulting in severe horseness. R Patel, L Liu, D Bless, N Galatsanos (Madison-USA, Chicago-USA)

- An EGG study on global and local vocal efforts changes in German: preliminary results. C Mooshammer (Kiel-Germany)

- An iterative inverse filter model linking the acoustic and EGG spectral domains. L Manickam, T Wilaird, C Moore (Manchester-United Kingdom)

- Acoustic analysis of preschool teachers voice use during work. A Leroy, M Sodersten, B Hammarberg (Huddinge-Sweden)





Lecture : A framework for future studies by C Ludlow (Bethesda-USA)





Closure of the symposium






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