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- MARSEILLE (France), August 18-20, 2004 -


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Wednesday, August 18th




Introduction and Welcome

A Giovanni, M Ouaknine, P Dejonckere (Marseille-France, Utrecht-Netherlands)

C Larson on behalf of the ICVPB organization (Evanston-USA)

Scientific Program




session 1

Chairmen: J Jiang (Madison-USA), L Traissac (Bordeaux-France)

Lecture : Currents concepts and  research in the field of glottic modeling by I Titze (Iowa City-USA) download the abstract





Free Papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Towards full-scale three dimensional larynx simulation. M Oliveira Rosa, J Pereira (Sao Paolo-Brazil) download the abstract

- A vertical three-mass model of phonation based on empirical intraglottal pressures. R Scherer, G Zhai, L Fulcher, M Agarwal (Bowling Green-USA) download the abstract

- Representation of the two-dimensional glottal flow using irrotational and rotational flow elements. Y Tanabe, T Kaburagi (Kyushu-Japan) download the abstract

- Dynamics of a two-mass model of the vocal folds for men, women and children. J Lucero (Brasilia-Brazil) download the abstract





Coffee break





session 2

Chairmen: J Svec (Prague-Czech Republic), X Pelorson (Grenoble-France)

Lecture : Non linear dynamics of the voice. H Herzel (Berlin-Germany)





Free Papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Complexity in birdsong production. D Sciamarella, GB Mindlin (Paris-France) download the abstract

- Medial surface dynamics of the vocal fold during phonation. D Berry, M Doellinger, G Berke (Los Angeles-USA) download the abstract

- Modeling coupled aerodynamics and vocal fold dynamics using immersed boundary methods. C Duncan, G Zhai, R Scherer (Bowling Green-USA) download the abstract

- Flow measurments in a scaled-up vocal folds model. M Krane, T Wei, M Barry (Piscataway-USA) download the abstract

- The source voice generation on the basis of the "compressed air bubble". V Misun, K Prikryl (Brno-Czech Republic) download the abstract










session 3

Chairmen: R Scherer (Bowling Green-USA),

Lecture : Fluid mechanical modeling of voice. X Pelorson (Grenoble-France)





Free papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Study of the vortex dynamics in a mechanical model of the vocal folds using Particle-Image Velocimetry. C Brucker, M Triep, M Kob, W Schroder (Aachen-Germany) download the abstract

- Correlation between vortex frequency and frequency of the sound generated by an excised human fetal larynx: value of the high speed Particle-Image Velocimetry. R Nicollas, P Bournot, J Stéfanini, M Ouaknine, A Giovanni (Marseille-France)

- An experimental analysis of the flow through a driven mechanical model of the vocal folds. B Kucinschi, R Scherer, K DeWitt (Toledo-USA, Bowling Green-USA) download the abstract

- Explicit representation of glottal flow as a function of transglottal pressure and geometry. L Fulcher, G Zhai, R Scherer (Bowling Green-USA) download the abstract

- Energy flow analysis of vocal folds models. S Thomson (Purdue-USA) download the abstract

- On pressure-frequency relations in the excised larynx. F Alipour, R Scherer (Iowa-City-USA, Bowling Green-USA) download the abstract






Coffee break





Session 4

Chairmen: J Lucero (Brasilia-Brazil), H Herzel (Berlin-Germany)

Lecture: Vocal fold modeling and chaos parameters in voice analysis. J Jiang (Madison-USA)





Free papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Detecting synchronization in an assymetric vocal fold model from time series data. I Tokuda (Berlin-Germany) download the abstract

- Unilateral and bilateral oscillation in the excised squirrel monkey larynx. C Brown, F Alipour (Mobile-USA, Iowa City-USA)  download the abstract

- Bifurcations in excised larynges caused by vocal fold elongation. J Horacek, J Svec, E Vilkman (Prague-Czech Republic, Helsinki-Finland) download the abstract

- Modeling assymetric vocal fold vibrations. R Schwarz, M Schuster, T Wuzbacher, U Eysholdt, U Hoppe, J Lohscheller (Erlangen-Germany) download the abstract

- Determination of vocal fold geometry from excised larynges: methodology and preliminary results. P Sidlof, J Svec, J Horacek, J Vesely, I Klepacek, R Havlik (Prague-Czech Republic, Brno-Czech Republic) download the abstract








Thursday, August 19th




Session 5:

Chairmen: N Henrich (Paris-France), R Maunsell (Sao-Paolo-Brazil)


Poster session (3/4 min each). Discussion will take place during the next coffee break, directly in front of the posters at the end of the session. Each set of 3 or 4 posters will be discussed under the authority of a member of the ICVPB committee



Room 1

- Analysis of vocal tremor by means of a complex wavelet transform. L Cnockaert, F Grenez, J Schoentgen (Brussels-Belgium) download the abstract

- A study of spectral properties of the voice source. P Murphy (Limerick-Ireland) download the abstract

- Voice instabilities due to source-tract interaction. H Hatzikirou, T Fisch, H Herzel (Berlin-Germany) download the abstract

- Optoreflectometry determination of vocal folds resonance frequency . R Garrel, M Ouaknine (Marseille-France)


Room 4

- Nosological classification of disfluencies revisited: testing the validity of the continuous model. MC Montfrais-Pfauwadel (Paris-France)

- Resonance measurements in the case of tenor voice. N Henrich, J Wolfe, J Smith (Paris-France, Sydney-Australia) download the abstract

- Anatomy and histology of the pars media of the cricothyroid muscle: a comparative study. G Charpied (Boston-USA) download the abstract

- Synchronization of assymetric vocal folds on an experimental bench. R Maunsell, M Ouaknine, M Rosa, A Crespo, A Giovanni (Campinas-Brazil, Marseille-France) download the abstract


Room 2

- Influence of clefting on phonation of Czech vowels by Fe modeling of real male vocal tract. K Dedouch, J Horacek, T Vampola, J Vokral (Prague, Czech Republic) download the abstract

- Dynamic characteristics improvement of a pneumotachograph for speech and voice studies: acoustic and aerdynamical aspects. B Teston, A Ghio (Aix-en-Provence-France) download the abstract

- The effect of the false vocal folds on translaryngeal airflow resistance. M Agarwal, R Scherer, K Dewitt (Bowling Green-USA) download the abstract


Room 3

- Perceptual and acoustic correlation in consonant identification after partial laryngectomy. L Crevier-Buchman, S Maeda, D Brasnu, J Vaissière (Paris-France) download the abstract

- Perceptual analysis of dysphonia: a phonetic approach. J Révis, N Nguyen, A Giovanni (Marseille-France) download the abstract

- Mechanical stress increases vocal fold transepithelial potential difference. C Atkins, K Fisher (Evanston-USA) download the abstract


Room 5

- Naturally occuring sulcus formations in canine larynges. D Montequin, B Rousseau, D Bless (Madison-USA) download the abstract

- Specialized larynges: morphological studies of the chinese Muntjac, the Muscox, the Takin, and the mongolian gazelle. A Gebler (Berlin-Germany) download the abstract

- Laryngeal descent is not uniquely mammalian. T Riede, R Suthers (Berlin-Germany, Bloomington-USA) download the abstract


Room 6

- Electrical pacing of the paralyzed human larynx with an implantable stimulation device. L Zealar and al (Nashville-USA) download the abstract

- Satellite cell transplantation in delayed reinnervation of the canine larynx. A de Barros, JP Marie, M Hekmati, Y Lacourne, A Lequerriere, N Bornstein (Rouen-France) download the abstract

- Quantitative evaluation of a voice-producting element. J Tack, H Schutte, A Hirscberg, H Mahieu, E Van der Houwen (Groningen-Netherlands, Amsterdam-Netherlands) download the abstract





Coffee Break and Poster exhibition





Session 6

Chairmen : C Riva (Marseille-France), M Remacle (Yvoir-Belgium)

Lecture: Physiology of phonotrauma. S Thibeault (Salt Lake City-USA)





Free papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- In defense of the vocal fold and phonation. K Fisher (Evanston-USA) download the abstract

- Homeostasis of hyaluronic acid in scarred rat vocal folds. I Tateya, T Tateya, D Bless (Madison-USA) download the abstract

- The effect of aging on blood flow in rat larynx. N Connor, J Russel, H Nagai, D Bless (Madison-USA) download the abstract

- A finite element model of the interaction between intra-and extralaryngeal muscles. C Butenweg, M Kob (Aachen-Germany) download the abstract










Session 7

Chairmen : P Dejonckere (Utrecht-Netherlands), V Woisard (Toulouse-France)

Lecture : Imaging of glottic vibration. U Eysholdt (Erlangen-Germany)





Free papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- High speed laryngeal imaging analysis of vocal fold dynamics. Y Yan, X Chen, K Ahmad, D Bless (Honolulu-USA, Madison-USA) download the abstract

- Vocal fold vibratory patterns in normal male and female voices derived from high speed digital imaging of the larynx. K Ahmad, D Bless, Y Yan (Madison-USA) download the abstract

- Characterization of features observed on the derivative of EGG signal by the use of high speed cinematography. N Henrich, C Gendrot, G Schade, F Muller, R Expert (Paris-France, Hamburg-Germany) download the abstract

- Non stationary modeling of vocal fold vibration during a pitch raise. T Wurzbacher, R Schwarz, U Hoppe, U Eysholdt, J Lohscheller (Erlangen-Germany) download the abstract

- Vocal folds vibratory patterns of laryngeal mechanism M0 as investigated with high speed cinematography and electroglottography. C Gendrot, N Henrich, G Schade, F Muller, R Expert (Paris-France) download the abstract





Coffee break





Session 8

Chairmen: M Besson (Marseille-France), Y Ormezzano (Paris, France)

Lecture: Physiology of the singing voice. P Dejonckere (Utrecht-Netherlands)





Free papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Perceptive and acoustic study of voice quality in western operatic singing. M Garnier, D Dubois, J Poitevineau, N Henrich, M Castellengo (Paris-France) download the abstract

- Percieving language elements in high pitch singing. T Andreas (Leipzig-Germany) download the abstract

- False vocal fold surface waves during Sygyt singing. CG Tsai (Berlin-Germany) download the abstract

- Resonance measurements in the case of tenor voice. N Henrich, J Wolfe, J Smith (Paris-France, Sydney-Australia) download the abstract










Gala dinner and concert



Friday, August 20th




Session 9

Chairmen: L Crevier-Buchman (Paris-France), C Larson (Evanston-USA)

Lecture : Glottis modelized as a Van Der Pol oscillator . M Ouaknine (Marseille-France) download the presentation





Free papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Laryngeal adjustment in voiceless consonant production: 1 an experimental study of glottal abduction in loud versus normal speech. S Fuchs, P Hoole, X Pelorson, P Perrier, K Dahlmeier, J Creutzburg (Berlin-Germany, Munich-Germany, Grenoble-France) download the abstract

- Laryngeal adjustment in voiceless consonant production: 2 physical modeling. A VanHirtum, N Ruty, X Pelorson, S Fuchs, P Perrier (Eindhoven-Netherlands, Berlin-Germany, Grenoble-France) download the abstract

- Observation of cricothyroid joint motion using 3D high resolution MRI; S Takano, K Honda, K Kinoshita (Kyoto-Japan) download the abstract










Session 10

Chairmen: N Nguyen (Aix-en-Provence-France), K Honda (Kyoto-Japan)

Lecture: Neural control of speech. C Larson (Evanston-USA) download the abstract





Free papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Measurements of voicing offset and onset in men and women: further data.L Koenig, J Lucero (New-York-USA, Brasilia-Brazil) download the abstract

- Cricothyroid activity in consonant voicing and vowel intrinsic pitch. P Hoole, K Honda, F Murano, S Fuchs, D Pape (Munich-Germany, Kyoto-Japan, Berlin-Germany) download the abstract

Numerical modeling of production of czech vowel /a/ based on FE model of vocal tract. P Svancara, J Horacek, L Pesek (Brno-Czech Republic) download the abstract

- Physiological study of the supraglottal structure. K Sakakibara, M Kimura, H Imagawa, S Niimi, N Tayama (Tokyo-Japan) download the abstract

- Resonance characteristics of hypopharyngeal cavities. K Honda, T Kitamura, H Takemoto, S Fujita, P Mokhtari (Kyoto-Japan) download the abstract










Session 11

Chairmen:JP Marie (Rouen-France), C Manfredi (Firenze-Italy)

Lecture: Interaction between clinical and fundamental research. M Pedersen (Copenhague-Denmark) download the abstract





Free papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Analysis of speech spectra for various aperiodicities and voice types. E O'Leidhin, P Murphy (Limerick, Ireland) download the abstract

- Evaluation of cepstrally derived harmonics-to-noise ratios in voice signal. O Akande, P Murphy (Limerick, Ireland) download the abstract

- Estimation of sound pressure levels of speech from skin vibration of the neck. J Svec, I Titze, P Popolo (Prague-Czech Republic, Iowa City-USA, Denver-USA) download the abstract

- Assessing the effectiveness of botulinum treatment in spasmodic dysphonia. C Manfredi, G Cantarella, N Migali, A Berlusconi, B Maraschi (Firenze-Italy) download the abstract





Coffee Break





Session 12

Chaimen: B Teston (Aix-en-Provence-France), I Titze (Iowa City-USA)


Free papers (15 min + 5 min discussion)

- Analysis of vocal dysperiodicities in running speech. F Bettens, F Grenez, J Schoentgen (Brussels-Belgium) download the abstract

- Moment based kymographic analysis of voice pathologies resulting in severe horseness. R Patel, L Liu, D Bless, N Galatsanos (Madison-USA, Chicago-USA) download the abstract

- An EGG study on global and local vocal efforts changes in German: preliminary results. C Mooshammer (Kiel-Germany) download the abstract

- An iterative inverse filter model linking the acoustic and EGG spectral domains. L Manickam, T Wilaird, C Moore (Manchester-United Kingdom) download the abstract

- A new mucosal wave correlate detection method as a clue to voice pathology. Gomez P, Godino J, Diaz F, Martinez R, Nieto V, Rodellar V (Madrid-Spain) download the abstract





Lecture : A framework for future studies by C Ludlow (Bethesda-USA)





Closure of the symposium






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